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Healing you Inner Child - 3 Week Container

We all have an inner child, a subconscious part of us that can have a huge impact on our adult lives. 0-7 years old is when we learn to give and receive love as well as self regulate. The inner child can often recall good experiences as well as childhood fears, traumas, neglect or significant loss. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact event that is tugging at us, but we can start to notice our internal patterns that have left us a subconscious “bread crumb trails” when we start to explore our inner world.
Your subconscious mind is active 90% of the time, that means if you have a wounded inner child you will be reacting from that place of pain 90% of the time. That is your thoughts, actions, behaviours all interwoven with that wounded part of you.
This can show up in your adult life as:
* Need for attention
* Low self esteem
* People pleasing
* Self sacrificing
* Lack of abundance
* Commitment issues
* Addictions
* Repeating negative relationship    * Anxious or avoidant attachment 
* Self sabotaging
and much more.
During this 3 week container we will deep dive into your subconscious mind. Creating a safe space to make a connection with your inner child. This is something you will then be able to do time and time again. We will pinpoint root causes to your issues and release outdated thoughts and beliefs. 
You will also receive a 1:1 womb healing session with myself. The womb or sacral chakra is a place where we tend store shame and fear, from this life time and the life times before. 
The womb healing involves releasing and clearing this sacred space, which leads to more creativity, love, passion, peace and clarity. We also journey back to receive wisdom and guidance from your mothers ancestorial line, clearing any pain that might have been carried forward. When you feel secure, trusting of life and are comfortable in your own skin you can’t help but attract more healthy experiences.
What is included:
3 x Group sessions, 1 per week
1 x 1:1 Womb healing session
Support and guidance during the 3 weeks
Thursday 21st July @ 7pm

What People Are Saying:

Claire is a very gifted and talented healer, she has highlighted things in my life and easily managed to navigate her way through my life to get to the root cause. I have been a part of her face to face workshop as well as her 6 week course. Anything I have attended with Claire has had a profound and positive impact on my life. I could not recommend her enough.

Amanda Wright

I had the honor of having a shamanic healing from Claire which was honestly life changing and led me to hearing about her events. I look forward to them like her Full Moon ceremony and this past weekend her Womb Healing ceremony. She creates this beautiful, sacred and safe space that allows authenticity and vulnerability for connection and healing to take place. She intuitively guides it in such a way that we feel supported while whatever emotions need processing comes up for healing. Very grateful to have met her loving soul.

Lauren Pinney